The Steeple Center: Transformation in Trenton
of a Historic Downtown Church

120 East State (120ES) is a community-based, community-centered investment in the heart of Trenton. Through public and private funding, 120ES is transforming a building with a storied past, First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, into a multi-use gathering place for the whole community, including a community cafe, cultural/performing arts venue, and events/program space. 

Our purpose is to transform the First Presbyterian Church complex in the heart of Trenton into a community-centered performing arts venue, an engine of economic development, and an opportunity for local empowerment giving voice, space, and welcome to our neighbors. As the steeple of this historic church has stretched high above the downtown skyline signaling hope and mission, today we seek to redirect the path laid 300 years ago and create a symbol of shared vision in the community

Serving Trenton and greater Trenton, 120ES will contribute to the vitality of downtown, provide needed jobs and services to Trenton residents, highlight the told and untold histories of this National Historic Register property, and create a Trenton-proud hospitality zone for visitors to our capital city.